Our chocolates are available online or locally at many locations. We are also working with new wholesale partners as well as corporate venues to create signature truffles to suit their needs.




Your customers will see the difference when you offer our award-winning chocolates and truffles. We source locally for fine ingredients and Justin Barr, self-taught chocolatier and master in European techniques, believes that customers deserve only best. Taking quality, season, and specific flavors into account Justin has created a selection of over 100 varieties of mouth-watering truffles and other specialty desserts that we sell wholesale to our partners. Our quality chocolates and truffles has earned an astonishing reputation and have been featured in several publications and events in the greater Columbus area.

We’re more than just a wholesale chocolatier. When you buy award winning chocolates from Le Chocoholique, we become a partner in your success. That’s why our products come with expert consulting, backed by several years of excellence in producing chocolates, to help you find the best solution for your business.

We’ve helped many businesses increase sales, customer satisfaction and profits. We would like to help you, too!

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